The LOCMAN brand itself was founded in 1986 on the Island of Elba. This all-Italian
business has stunned the industry both by its swiftly earned sales results and by the
originality of its style. Today, with 10 monobrand boutiques and about 1000 points
of sale worldwide, it is one of the main Italian players in the watchmaking field.
Headquarters in Marina di Campo in Elba, a network of offices in Florence, Milan
and New York and an external production department in Milan all combine to make
LOCMAN a truly modern company from an organisational standpoint too.

The collections are characterised by a high-impact and unique design, as well as by
a choice of highly innovative materials such as titanium, carbon, aluminium and other
types. The brand has built its reputation on an extremely recognisable style epitomised
by its best-selling Stealth watch in steel, titanium and carbon fibre.